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When it comes to the care and safety of taking care of our loved ones, we feel that no-one can do it better than local owners who know and understand your community. To us, the best decision makers in running a business are local owners who are connected to the communities we serve. Their participation in the community can reflect and shape not only the quality of care, but it can also have influence with local government and policy makers.

Locally owned businesses are important for creating a culture and value for the community and it allows for them build personal connections and relationships with the communities we serve. There is nothing better than that small town feeling when you meet the owner of the company you are working with. With the owner always present, the staff is always polite, and you always feel the comfort of knowing that your happiness is our priority.


Facts About Nolensville, TN

Located in Williamson County, Nolensville has a current population of 13,289. First established in 1797 by William Nolen, the city is found 22 miles southeast of Nashville. The city was most recently reincorporated in 1996.

The early 19th century brought a number of settlers from Rockingham, NC to the area. The descendants of those settlers are still among the more prominent families in the town today. The increase in population and the resulting commerce led to the city’s first incorporation in 1839.

A number of homes that date back to the 19th and early 20th centuries are still found on both sides of Nolensville Road. Many of them are still private homes, although some now house locally owned businesses. Sections along Nolensville Road are designated as historic areas, providing the city with tourism attractions.

The reincorporation of the city in 1996 occurred just as interest in the city was increasing. Since that time, a number of new residential neighborhoods surrounding the city have developed. Nolensville is known for having the lowest property taxes in the county.

More than 1,800 residents of Nolensville are over the age of 60. Of that number, 66 people live in homes by themselves and may be candidates for home care service. There are 370 households that contain one or more people over 60, including 7 non-family homes where the need for home care may also exist.


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